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Want to learn more about Dragons to Butterflies? 

Watch this  youtube video to learn more about the true story behind “Dragons to Butterflies” 

Do you have a conference, or book event coming up? I would love to take part. Spreading my message of emerging from depression and addiction can help others see the light. Feel that there is hope. I’ve already been so lucky to share my story with several major television stations and outlets. My last signing/meet & greet at Barnes & Noble was a complete success. I currently have openings, if you are interested in booking please email me at dragonstobutterflies@gmail.com or contact me through my website anytime.  

Do you know someone who is recovering from depression, addiction or sexual abuse? Pick them up a copy of Dragons to Butterflies and put a light back in their lives. Let them know they are not alone in their struggles. 

“If you or someone you love struggles with addiction and bi-polar disorder this book is a must read. Johnnie’s journey is told with an authenticity that will touch your heart, give you a deeper understanding, and offer hope.” 

-Dr. Lee Jampolsky



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Interview: I was able to open up with SNN (Suncost News Network) in an interview on  how I use the butterfly as my symbol of change. Such a fantastic interview. If you did not get a chance to see it live, click this link to view now https://goo.gl/xI7geP

To get my full story you can pick up your copy here at Amazon or directly from my website dragonstobutterflies.com. Here you can also read more about what encouraged me to write this book and spread my message to others. Do you know someone facing addiction, rehabilitation, abuse or depression. Pick them up a copy of Dragons to Butterflies. Through my words they can find hope.

Do you think one of your loved ones maybe suffering from depression or bipolar disorder? Here are some noticeable signs and symptoms of depression. 

  • Loss of interest in things that were previously pleasurable
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Eating changes
  • Anger and irritability 
  • Suicidal ideas
  • Expressing negative thoughts
  • Loss of confidence in themselves 


Saturday, January 21st from 12-2PM at Barnes & Noble of Sarasota, Florida (410 S. Tamiami Trail. Sarasota) 
My goals and hopes are to spread my word of being able to overcome more than most in life and embrace a whole person. I travel to book signings, conferences and events to spread my message.  To make a donation to assist me in spreading my message to others please click here https://goo.gl/LMpHGt even a dollar is more than appreciated.  

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My interview with ABC-7 was a success. Thank you to all whom wachted it, and if you missed it click here to watch. Bipolar and depression effect thousands of people across the country. Most signs go unnoticed by family members and friends making it hard to tell if your loved one is suffering from either of these life altering diseases. To gain a little more insight into this world, take a moment to watch my informative interview. 



January 15th- Unity Church in Sarasota, Fl (book signing and medt & greet after service)

January 21st- Barnes & Noble, S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 12-2PM (book signing and meet & greet)       

Pick up your copy of Dragons to Butterflies to read the true story of how I over came addiction, depression and my own demons to emerge into the proud, strong person I am today. I take pride in my accomplishments and spreading my message to help others. If you would like to help me in doing so, any contribution to my funding page is more than greatly appreciated https://goo.gl/LMpHGt 

Shop Amazon or directly from my website dragonstobutterflies.com

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