I would first like to take a moment to thank everyone who made it out to the book signings at the Hay House in Ft. Lauderdale and Sarasota plus everyone who took a moment to listen to my radio interview.  If you did not get a chance to listen to the radio interview live, CLICK HERE to listen now. You can also now read the interview I had with NBC-2 News.

At these signings and interviews I introduced some new items available now. Take a look below and click on the links to order.


NEW ITEM**  Get a set of these uniquely designed and beautifully written greeting cards. They come in a pack of  (8) with envelopes and Dragons to Butterflies sealing stickers. $20.00 outside of Florida, in Florida they are $21.40 (incl. tax) Plus shipping $1.25. ORDER HERE. (please include phone number, email address and mailing address in email)

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Taming the Dragon

This adult coloring book with a message will entertain and inspire you.  Color away while reading inspirational messages to soothe your soul. ORDER HERE. (please include phone number, email address and mailing address in email)                                                            $10.99 plus tax and shipping.


Dragons to Butterflies

Dragons to Butterflies takes you on a journey of tragedy to triumph from the broken heart of an abused child to the beautiful soul of a man. You can get your copy on Amazon.          $17.99 Paperback, $35.95 Hardcover



Dragons to Butterflies introduces uplifting, full color posters.                                                $6.00 each. (plus tax in Florida) and shipping. $2.50

With so many awesome events coming up, I just had to share. Check out where I’ll be and when. I will be hosting book signings, conducting a radio interview and releasing my newest adult coloring book. See details below for complete information

Book signing for “Dragons to Butterflies” and release of “Taming the Dragon”, my adult coloring book with a message. Join us Wednesday, October 5th at 5:30PM at the Silver Star Restaurant in Sarasota, FL. Come and see us! I will be there to premiere my new adult coloring book, Taming the Dragon, and signing copies of my book, Dragons to Butterflies. CLICK THIS LINK FOR FULL DETAILS

Radio Interview with Hay House Radio Online Listen live on October 7th at 4PM for my interview with hayhouse radio.com I will be discussing my book Dragons to Butterflies and discussing the release of my new coloring book, Taming the Dragon.  CLICK THIS LINK FOR FULL DETAILS

Book Signing at Hay House Join me October 15th & 16th at the Hay House in Ft. Lauderdale. We will be signing books at the Hay House “I Can Do It” conference. We are very excited to be going to this phenomenal event and to be with such incredible authors. This is a dream come true. Here is a link to the main event www.hayhouse.com/i-can-do-it-conference  My greatest intention is to have the “Taming the Dragon A coloring book with a message” ready for this event. It will be a push but I also hope to have manuscripts of “Within the Chrysalis It’s an Inside Job” ready as well. I will at least have the first few chapters ready. CLICK THIS LINK FOR FULL DETAILS

What’s your favorite type of book to read?

                                                In writing a genre is a label that characterizes elements a reader can expect in a work of literature. The major forms of literature can be written in various genres. Genre is a category characterized by similarities in style, or subject matter. However, with there being so many different stories and topics to choose from how do you decide. Maybe this month it’s a horror novel and next month it’s a non-fiction story. The best thing about a book is that you can explore a different genre each time you open a new one. There are many readers though that prefer certain genres. So what’s your favorite type of book to read? We would love to hear from you! Go to our Facebook page and let us know!

Book Signing for “Dragons to Butterflies”and the Book Release for “Taming the Dragon”

Join me, Wednesday, October 5th at 5:30PM at the awesome Silver Star Restaurant in Sarasota for a book signing and book release. There I will be signing my current book, “Dragons to Butterflies” and we will be officially releasing my adult coloring  book (with a message), “Taming the Dragon“.


Dragons to Butterflies takes you on a journey of tragedy to triumph from the broken heart of an abused child to the beautiful soul of a man. Have you ordered your copy? Click on the image below to order or download now.

Why your library is so much more awesome than you thought.     

A library is one of the most calming places to go to when looking to expand your knowledge or be whisked away into a story. It’s filled with workers and volunteers who have detonated their lives to organizing text not only with their hands but with their hearts as well. The next time you find yourself with some free time, explore among the shelves of books. What’s the best part about the library? It’s a perfect place to bring the whole family. Once you get to know your local library you’ll be amazed at all the programs they offer for all ages. There is even adult courses offered in libraries around the country. Allow yourself to find something when you’re not even looking. Find  new authors whose worlds, whether real or imagined, can teach you about your own world. Here you can take any topic and be able to view them through the eyes of someone who has been there, front and center. Most libraries charge absolutely nothing to join, only having to pay  late fees if applicable. Reading also helps in developing understanding in different situations and learning something new will keep your mind healthy and growing. Most libraries not only offer books to indulge in, but they offer a free way of viewing DVDs and audiobooks as well. Do you utilize your local library? If you go often, you can dissolve your massive book budget. Or at least reduce it by buying your books more selectively. In using your library card, you can live like a cultured human and exercise your brain whether taking in an exciting story, learning something new, enjoying an audiobook while you sunbath or even checking out the latest music to hit the charts. Use this link to find your local library today. http://goo.gl/O7cU6



Press Release for “Dragons to Butterflies”Johnnie Calloway grew up in a small town in Kentucky. His mother passed away when he was 5, leaving him to grow up with his father who he describes as a sexually-confused, angry alcoholic. Calloway fell into drug addiction, alcoholism and battles with mental illness before finding healing through forgiveness. In “Dragons to Butterflies: The Metamorphosis of a Man” (published by Balboa Press), the author chronicles his abusive relationship with his father and the steps that led him to recovery. Read the rest of my press release here http://goo.gl/cDK5Vk




“Taming the Dragon”Do you like to color?! My adult coloring book, “Taming the Dragon” is set to be released October 5th this year! Have fun coloring beautiful drawings while reading heart warming passages through out the book. In the meantime, don’t forget to grab your copy “Dragons to Butterflies” that’s out now. You can order your copy or download your eBook here http://goo.gl/jiyG6c 

Dragons to Butterflies

What reading can do for the soul

We all know reading can provide more than just information and entertainment. It does something for our soul we can’t quite explain. Reading has been proven to help relieve stress and escape the pressures of every day life. It may bring you to a place that you’ve never seen, or introduce you to a character that you relate with. We all have our favorite genres too, whether it be romance, suspense, biographies, or even fantasy it takes you on a far away journey while staying in one place. Check out this great article to learn more about reading can do for your soul https://goo.gl/J3emJx and if you like heartwarming, true stories about perseverance, check out this great book Dragons to Butterflies. You can order your copy here: http://goo.gl/jiyG6c

10 Benefits of reading

Now that we know reading is good for the soul, here are 10 more benefits of what reading often can do for you.

  1. Mental stimulation 
  2. Stress reduction
  3. Knowledge 
  4. Vocabulary expansion 
  5. Memory improvement 
  6. Stronger analytical thinking skills 
  7. Improved focus and concentration 
  8. Better writing skills
  9. Tranquility 
  10. Entertainment 

Meet The Author of “Dragons to Butterflies”

Johnnie Calloway grew up in a small town in Kentucky, with the population at around 11,000. His mother passed when he was only five, leaving him to grow up with an angry, alcoholic, sexually confused father. Johnnie was born into a reputation that he never wanted but was obligated to live up to. Still, Johnnie always wanted to be the “good guy.” The conflict between his personal desire and his sense of obligation to his dad’s/family’s reputation created a great torment that was oddly accompanied with an insatiable yearning to learn. Read more about this up and coming author and order your copy here: http://goo.gl/jiyG6c

Dragons to Butterflies